Being a part of INSTINCT3
means being part of a community.

…and embracing Spandau.

Like Sparta to ancient Greece, Spandau is home to Berlin’s most courageous and sharpest minds.

Many of us are fascinated by gaming and content. Most of us love being around like-minded nerds and creatives. Each of us strives for excellence and integrity.


We are only able to offer employment to canditates above the age of 18. Content creators looking for representation should contact our artist management team.

It is important to us that you are clever, open-minded and an expert in your field. We do not care about your gender, your skin color, your origin, your religious beliefs, your sexual orientation or whether you like pineapple on your pizza. You get the idea – we embrace diversity, inclusiveness and individuality, come as you are. On a side note – we just hope that you do not traverse Azeroth as a member of the Alliance. That would be a real shame.

Application Process