Our Services

Creative Campaigns

INSTINCT3 does not offer campaigns off the shelf. It is our aspiration to live up to the goals and interests of the client, without compromising the individual strengths and wishes of the influencer. There is no other way to produce successful campaigns for which the influencer gladly takes ownership.

Concept Development

As pioneers of the influencer, gaming and esports industries, we have a passion for realizing ideas that were never done before. And we promise to stick to our extravagant ambitions.

Project Management

From small integration to enormous production – our diverse team of project managers always keeps up INSTINCT3’s high standards of solution-focused and diligent planning, execution and controlling.

Partner Relations

INSTINCT3 loves being the facilitator. Influencer placements, short film productions or studio events – we are able to assemble a dream team consisting of our many dear friends across the industry.

Artist Management

Influencer marketing is based on people with a mind of their own, who stand up for their beliefs. We stand by the side of these individuals as they unfold their potential. We enable them to master the challenging balance between professionalism and discipline on the one side as well as freedom and creativity on the other.​


Being successful as a content creator used to be about affective decisions and luck. As pioneers of the industry, we are able to share our wisdom on brand management, channel strategy and content.

Campaign Management

With one of INSTINCT3’s artist managers by their side, content creators are able to focus exclusively on their creation and vision, while organisational duties are in good hands.


As part of INSTINCT3’s influencer portfolio, content creators benefit from our experience in negotiation as well as our industry network including brands and sales partners.

Content Production

Our producers and editors are luminaries of the German YouTube landscape. Brands are celebrated for enabling them and creators are perceived as knighted by working with them.

Our Philosophy

Let’s be honest: INSTINCT3 will not do anything a client asks for.

As an agency founded by one of Germany’s most determined influencers, it has always been part of the INSTINCT3 identity to pursue integrity and sincerity above all else. And while we celebrate ingenuity, ambition and friendship, we are strong-willed when it comes to protecting our belief in decency, morals and character.

“We creators shape the content – not our audiences. In order for YouTubers to be taken seriously, we must embrace our responsibility towards our communities. Some of us say that it is the zeitgeist demanding antisocial content, but since we are called „influencers“ for a reason, let us influence the zeitgeist. There are no excuses.“

– INSTINCT3 Co-Founder Maximilian „HandOfBlood“ Knabe at the Webvideopreis 2016